To the Universe for finally making me realize I need to start blogging . . .

Hello Everyone!!!

My name is Amy and I’m new to the blogging/vlogging world!!


~*I would like to start off with asking everyone to be nothing but kind to me as I start and explore into blogging and website tending. I’m going to start off a little slow but once I get the hang of it… WATCH OUT!!! It will be totally rad and not to mention it’ll give you a sneak peek into how I think and live. (If you’re into that sort of thing that is.*I mean hey if people can keep up with celebrities they can keep up with this average human being ;P)*~

     Today I thank the Universe for making me finally realize that I need to blog in order to keep tabs and track of everything I want to do, including my creative ideas/projects, my day to day life, my metaphysics interests (tarot/astrology/new age/intuitive knowledge etc.) my relationships with my Handsome and Lovely Fiance♥ and family, my literature experiments and so on and so forth. I mean what better way to start my first blogging website, writing my *emphasis on* “first blog” about how the Universe can be so great and helpful. Universe, God, Life force, energy, spirit guides, The All Knowing, Gaia, etc. however you would like to refer to your higher power as, (don’t want to offend anyone, “to each their own”) has set up a chain of eventful thoughts in my head throughout the day to lead me to creating this website that I’m typing and posting on right now. It’s funny how the Universe works. Just yesterday I was putting myself down about how I’m so indecisive and how my indecisiveness is never going to get me anywhere, but little did I know it would lead me to reevaluating how I would like to spend my priceless time. 
      I’ve always thought about blogging and video blogging but I always personally thought that I was *dun.. dun.. dun..!!!* LAME! Hard to believe that I, Amy Ann Perez, is lame right? Pffftt! As if! Maybe it was me low-key telling myself I needed to pick up some more hobbies or a more active lifestyle. Or maybe it was my own way of isolating myself even more than what I do already. *rant* >.< Any who, point is I AM lame and today with the help of the Universe I’ve finally decided that I can muster up the last little bit of matter in my soul that I call my self esteem and confidence, take it and run with it. I’m not going to let anyone stop me!! Ya know? I mean honestly who really gives a fuck anymore about what other people say? . . . On the cool though, I would be lying if I said that I didn’t at least care a little, but overall I’m getting to the point where I can care less about what people have to say or what they think about the way I live or who I am, inside and out, physically and mentally, spiritually, too. Have I finally broken free from the chains of self imprisonment ego? I’m pretty sure…yeah. Whatever it is!! I finally broke free from what seemed to be a whole other reality. 

     So today Universe helped me out greatly because I spent all day trying to decide whether or not I should go for this job that I had to fucking stop going to because I missed one day of training. Like seriously dude I get the idea of missing and how its bad I guess, but really the training was 4 days long and the work was so easy I already knew how to manage the process by the second day of training. Anyways, they said I could go back but I would have to do the entire thing all over again, long story short I was being indecisive about some important shit and I was freaking out so I started to apply to more jobs. (“Why? It’ll probably add more stress and indecisiveness to your plate Amy-Chan?” is what you guys are probably asking me out loud to your monitors or phone screens but honestly I don’t really know and I’m sure it will; I just do shit like that and I have no control over it!! I’m MAD I tell ya!!! MAD!! :P) >.< Sorry Guys TMI!! Well today life being its unpredictable self working in the craziest of ways lead me to being a over controlling psycho, who has to have more options and who kept applying to more jobs. On one of the sites I applied on, had an ad about blogging. I thought it was hella cool and interesting but me being passive aggressive towards myself I automatically canceled that idea out. So keep in mind my new audience that that was the first time the Universe showed a “sign” of blogging to me! Silly to some I know but just be open minded please 🙂
     I then got irritated and overwhelmed by the nothingness of the selection of the online job portal and started loving on my handsome Fiance once he got home. We loved on each other for a while, you know mushy gushy stuff then he hinted in an very open way about his next birthday present. So me being the awesome girlfriend that I am got on Pinterest♥ (heaven of all crafts) and started looking up ideas about his birthday gift. Anyways long story short while I was randomly scrolling through the feeds and ideas I see this pin about “6 online jobs students can work” or something along the lines of that subject. So I clicked on it and read it and of course blogging was one of the online job choices. I think its cool in general that you can make money online off of various online activities but I’m not really aiming towards making money off of blogging at the moment, totally open to it, buuuut not at the moment. Any who, I started researching some stuff and sat back and really thought about it. Like is right now the time I should start blogging? Like dude I’ve always wanted to do it but what would I blog about? I was asking myself all types of questions and just really contemplating about it and then it dawned on me . . . That I had saw something about blogging earlier in the day!! Guys!!! The second “sign” from Universe about blogging!! Coincidence? Maybe. hehehe but I believe not! For me in my opinion numerology is a great factor in this world and existence and I’ve always had personal experiences with the number “2”, so when I have things shown to me at random point of my day with the number 2 greatly defined or emphasized or I see the sequence of “2’s” or something relating the the number 2, it automatically registers in my mind that its safe. Appropriate. Almost like a “go for it” sign or in some cases “be patient” or “change”. It usually depends on my intuitive feeling and how I feel all around about it. Today thought I felt like it was Universe’s way of saying, “Amy this is something you can finally be decisive about.” Something I can really feel happy about and not have to worry about the anxiety and anxiousness I get when I’m trying to decide something. I feel like blogging can settle my wandering mind. I can just hop on her and vent ya know? Or even share some cool experiences or projects.  Whatever the case may be I can now finally do it on here! But like be more organized and stuff. So it all works out!! Yessuuuhh! *fist bump guys* *I apologize for the run on sentences too, my fellow lit’ perfectionists.—- I just couldn’t stop* 

Yeah! So this was pretty much how Universe was being the dopest homie by helping me and encouraging me, giving me that extra little nudge and reminder to begin something I’ve always wanted to do. So Thanks Universe! Keep staying cool! 🐱kawaii

*Guys never forget to thank Universe, He’s/She’s done a lot for us ya know?*


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