Shower Music . . . What do you listen to?

     I’m back guys! This time I’m sitting on the bathroom floor waiting for my shower water to heat up, while writing this blog. Last time I was stuck at a desk completing my first blog but nope! Not this time! 

This blog will be fairly short so, Cheers! 

As I got up this morning I was more than set on taking a shower, but me being the lovely girl I am, has to bathe her goddess body to something that makes her feel like a goddess! :3 Lately I’ve been binge listening to Doja Cat, a female artist whom has a bunch of confidence with a girl power attitude. Nothing more empowering for a female. lol *Side note: I’m not a huge feminist, I don’t even like to label myself as such but yeah just putting that out there.*

Anyways before I hopped into the shower I was talking to myself out loud (yes, I talk to myself out loud. Full conversations even.) and I came to the conclusion that this music makes me feel so good I want to bathe myself to it. So basically what I want to know is,

What music makes you feel good while you bathe your Goddess/Godly body?”

Here’s one of the few songs I jam to in the shower! Enjoy! 

*preferably for girls to jam to but hey! I know some guys who like Doja! She’s sexy as fuuuuck! lol anyways enjoy guys!!*

Doja Cat – Nunchucks




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