A Birthday Card Spread

Leilani M Lopez


Everyone has a birthday and whether you celebrate it or not it holds major significance in our spiritual lives.

It’s the anniversary of the day that we came into this world, into this existence.

It’s the day we were disconnected from our mother and became our own person. We were so fragile and dependent on our parents, but so full of potential and possibilities.

It’s like our very own personal new year’s day. I mean, think about it for a second… It’s a blank slate; a new start. It’s a perfect time to re-introduce ourselves into the world. Start a new diet, quit smoking, learn something new, get fit, or volunteer. These are all popular New Year’s Day resolutions, but doesn’t it make more sense to do these things on our birthday?

 The same energy and potential that surrounded us on the day we were born is replicated on…

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