I would die for it…

I’m at a point in my life where I want to only cherish and appreciate myself. I never loved myself enough to stand up for myself in regards to difficult and critical life situations, but for everyone else I would go to war and die for.

 Is that fair? Absolutely not.

This ends now. 

I refuse to put myself last, second or third.

I’m on a high.(not my typical Cannabis high either, something developing deep in my soul. A high my soul can only resonate with)

I’m on a mission to conquer all.

I always get pushed to the side and as guilty as I’ll ever freely admit to be, it’s my own fault. 

So with that being said I will and would die for anything I desire, lust, and need.

Simply because I deserve it.
Is this selfish? Of course.

But it’s a selfishness that has been longed and called for by Universe, my soul, my physical being, my emotional being, the natural cycles of existence and life itself. 

Something another human being(s) like myself, was unable to provide or nuture. 

I believe the time is now, I pamper and nuture my “self” back to a more balanced state of self love. 

*To the people who might take my selfishness and self love personal, you obviously don’t understand what it means to truly LOVE yourself and put yourself FIRST. Everyone needs it and some need it more than others, and whether the timing be the best for everyone or not, it’s a calling that can’t be ignored. 

So go fuck yourself! Stop being so sensitive and self absorbed and let people learn to love themselves!!!
~♡:much love, Amy-Chan:♡~ 



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