Day 1

Good evening Darlings! ♥

Tonight I will be starting a new challenge. It’ll be the first time I’ve ever done one of these 30 day writing challenges, but I thought it would be a good idea to think outside the box and really exercise my writing skills. I’m really excited and I can’t wait to share with you all!



The last sentence of the novel I chose is credited to: The Pilgrimage, by Paulo Coelho  ~☆~☆~☆~☆~☆~☆~☆~☆~☆~☆~☆~


And when I think about it, I guess it is true that people always arrive at the right moment at the place where someone awaits them. I wasn’t quite sure if it was just an odd coincidence or fate, but I always managed to be there when you needed me the most. Of course vise versa, but I admit that I had more of a keen sense of intuition when it came to knowing when I needed to be around you or when something just wasn’t right. It’s like I always knew when you were close to danger. I guess that’s just the perks and consequences of being wholly connected to another. You feel the fuzzy, warmness of their smiling hearts when they’re happy and then you feel the ice cold, winter burn of their sadness and self defeat when they’re sad.

It wasn’t until recently reuniting with you after that break that it had dawned on me, I was your rock. Your partner in crime. Your better half. The person who finished your sentences when your words slipped away from your lips every time you talked about your dreams and fears. Your cheer leader when you needed that extra team spirit and motivation. Your best friend when no one wanted to take the time to understand you and your lover when you needed deep emotional healing. Most importantly, I was your stability and balance when everything wasn’t going according to plan.

Though you always had a funny way of showing me, I knew I meant the most to you. You would bring me so close that I could almost touch the moon, but then you would recluse and drift away. I knew I was forever mesmerized by the luminous light you emitted. You let your light dance and move me so I can feel the rhythm of your own beat. The beat that sounded so full when you loved at your deepest and so erratic when you felt like everything was falling apart. You were a mystery,  a conspiracy if you will, of your own. Something I could believe in, but knew its existence alone couldn’t prove anything to anyone unless they experienced you for themselves. Keeping my patience at bay, I will wait and wait until the nighttime falls again. Just to see you. Only then will I understand the treasures of awaiting someone at the right place at the right time. Only then will you let me get so close that I can touch the moon.

Who knows, maybe this time I will.


It’s finally time for Fall!


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