Day 2

Hello Everyone! 

I apologize for the long wait and it totally defeats the purpose of the challenge, but I’ve had a lot going on and I haven’t had a bunch of time to work on my blog. Anywho, NO MORE EXCUSES! 😛 Without further ado, I present to you my writing prompt, Day 2

*For my character my lovely boyfriend gave me the idea to shuffle my faerie’s oracle deck and choose a Faerie to be the character I develop my prompt on. When I shuffled I was presented Losgunna, the Frog Queen. She symbolizes Adventure, New experiences, and Self discovery. So keep that in mind as a little bit of a character background story.





     Losgunna, the Frog Queen was so distraught. She couldn’t believe it. She paced back and forth passing the tattered shroom patch and withered lilies, picking at her brain wondering where she could have possibly left it. She roamed far and high, below swampy waters, peddling through thick, slimy algae, jumping from pebble to pebble, to find this admirable treasure she’s been hearing so much fuzz about. Only through the vineyard of the faerie kingdom, will you hear of such tales and fabrications.

     It was so oddly engulfing, this treasure. It was something all the other faeries weren’t sure how to express. Fools gold, per say. Every other fay or mystical creature believed only the unluckiest would go through such a journey to possess something as mere as an Aziz stone. The stone that’s so unknown and fabled. It was always a gamble to try to go search and obtain treasures as alien as such. A stone whom’s existence can be nothing but a figment of fay’s imagination. Right?

     Wrong! Losgunna was always one to delve into the murkiest of waters, knowing she’ll resurface the gray, muddy lagoon with a lustrous, rose-pink pearl. She was always finding the end of the rainbows in the shadows of the deep, troll and goblin forests. But somehow, she always managed to become friends with each and every one of them. She just had a knack for these types of things, finding the good in the faerie realms and such. Even when the storms drowned the meadows for days she would find something spectacular to say or do about it. So of course when she ventured out to find and proclaim the Aziz stone as hers, she had already made up her mind. Her heart was set on adding such a praiseworthy wander to her precious, astrological collection.

Though, this was nothing new to the kingdom. Every time she carried an unfamiliar item through the faerie kingdom, fays whispered amongst themselves, mumbled underneath their breaths, cheered on and gawked at Losgunna for accomplishing and proving such tales and the impossible. Especially for a fay. And especially for a frog queen.

     As dexterous as Losgunna was when it came to the adventures she was so passionate about, she was very inattentive at times. Negligent even. So she constantly had the habit of misplacing her valuables when she was spaced out, day dreaming about her next discovery or sojourn. Even though she seemed to repeatedly find her riches in the most mundane spots, she can only imagine where she misplaced her new treasure this time. 



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