My Shooting Star🌟

Waiting for him was like waiting for a glimpse of a shooting star. It happened every so often, his presence.  You wait and sometimes nothing happens. Though you’ll never know when you’ll look up and see a star dancing across the night sky, but when you do it sends an electric wave of magic through your entire being. Suddenly you are reminded of exactly how remarkable yet minuscule you are. That you, a human, can experience a sighting of an object that’s forever burning until its end of time. And just for a brief second too.

Without delay, you register how happy and significant you feel when it resonates with you knowing, that star was in the sky for a reason. For you.

Seeing him was always a sight as well, but when he left my existence became dull. Everything goes back to black and the night sky is just as clear and empty as the void again. Lonely. Starless. I guess that’s the consequence of being able to capture such exclusive phenomenon of something so graceful. It ends. All good things come to an end. Sometimes too soon. Although, that doesn’t change the fact that you got to be involved in that present moment.

You’ll forever remember;

Everything is a balance.

You receive and bestow.



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