Chamber of Reflection

     Is it selfish to say that I am satisfied with dating and being in a relationship with someone that is completely and almost utterly the same person as I? Or shall I say I closely reflect onto him. My twin flame that burns so passionately but never scorches me when I possess him in my arms or when he’s near. What a sight and natural phenomenon it is to watch and analyze the way that handsome human being moves and breathes. If I encountered him on any other day would he burn just as bright? Maybe brighter, maybe duller. Did I make it right on time to scream for the love I hopelessly desired and did I catch the eye of the handsome prince that Gaia romantically created for me? Oh how humble I am for the graceful presence of such a miracle. To hear such a homely, masculine, almost consuming voice that warms my cold bones instantly. If it wasn’t for the soft tissue that flawlessly came together to connect every ounce of love he had for me, through a intimate moment of a shared kiss with his lips, I would fly away. No longer would I be grounded if I wasn’t presented with that moment of ecstasy, when he gently applied onto me the pressure from that tender soulful kiss.

     Only there do I enter and soar through his physical vessel on a ship of love that takes me down a stream, past full yet shallow crystal rivers where I cross the deserts and hop from planet to planet to embrace that light he so immaculately emits. How can this being be so effortlessly perfect? On such a venture through him, I only find myself more and more each day. His woman of the sand. The woman that roams his deserts. He blesses me with every visit, on every Sunday. You know the day that most people claim is worship day. The day to worship your god or teacher. Though I have no place to worship, he is my place of worship. He is my god. He is my teacher. And I never come home empty handed. I always come home brimful and full. Overjoyed with the happiness and love that only he can resurrect. Through these fingers I create a word of bond on paper, in writing, that I will forever indulge and comprehend the genuineness  of the heart he presents to me. For I will take ownership of all sorrows and pains his heart comes across and refill it bountifully and abundantly with nothing, but the gold that resides in my bones, the light that transmits my glittery love and the magic that runs through my veins. 



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