A short story about one of the reasons why I suck…

I guess one out of the of the many reasons why I suck is I’ve always been the type to hopelessly fall in love. Whether that person is fond of me or not, its all a figment of my imagination or play on my desires. I’m fucking crazy. I fall in love so quickly. I mean it truly does suck. 

Imagine me just minding my own business walking on a sunny day and out of nowhere I see this human being that just radiates and highlights the engaged area around them. 

Then it happens. 

They smile and I fall in love. 

How can something so simple like walking out on a summer day and noticing my surroundings around me land me in a pool of feelings and a lust for love?

Maybe its the fact that my sun sign’s ruling planet is Venus. The planet of love and pleasures. As a Libran and a person who’s particularly interested in astrology, I can’t only excuse my passion for love and romance through the characteristics of a god of a ruling planet, but its definitely a factor intertwined with many others that support that aspect of me. 

Maybe I’m not crazy or maybe it’s not the consequences of being a Libra and I just enjoy the idea, the process and the enactment of falling in love. 

Either way I suck.


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