Hello, my  name is Amy! My close friends call me Amy-Chan :3 *I don’t mind if you guys call me that though, because well if you really think about it, we’re all going to be close now since I’ll be blogging EVERYTHING and ANYTHING about my life. And you guys will be lucky enough to read it* ^-^ I’m 22 years old, soon to be 23 on October 9! I’m a Libra Sun so eat your heart out guys! 😛 lol seriously Libra’s rule though! *I love all signs, honestly* I’m pretty much this short, petite chick, who really enjoys living inside my head. Truly dude. Like everything I literally manifest or I’m interested in, I live through first in my head then in “reality”. Let me just clear this up, I pretty much reside there. So if you guys ever want to visit me, knock politely first please. *meaning approach me in real life lightly* I love Metaphysics and I honestly believe our world wouldn’t be able to manage without the factors of it. So I really try to keep that in consideration with how I live. I have many many interests so stay tuned you guys will learn more about me soon enough!

I’m the kind of person you can talk to about anything. I’m the curious and sometimes quiet type. I admit I am something more than what you see. I love my friends. I can’t tell if  I am the one to inspire or if  its in reverse. But I do know that I see most things differently. I believe in much more; I believe in most things others don’t.

P.S. My Fiancé is my entire world ♥